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International English

01.WEB front end development
1, responsible for web site front-end development (web design draft front-end production);
2, to enhance the site front-end experience, optimize front-end performance;
3, dealing with front-end page browser compatibility issues;
4, responsible for the development of front-end standards and norms and promotion and application;

Job Requirements:
1, proficient in the preparation of a good structure of the browser compatible CSS, semantics in line with the W3C standard HTML;
2, proficient jquery, extjs and other js framework, master the JavaScript language core technology DOM, BOM, Ajax, JSON;
3, familiar with HTML5 and CSS3, and can be happy to use them in the actual project, familiar with the website SEO;
4, to understand the PHP programming language, and PHP programmers can easily communicate;
5, have a good sense of teamwork and sense of responsibility;
6, please provide your resume in the recent link;

02.php programmers
1, responsible for the PHP website program background development and maintenance.
2, add and improve the site function, module development and maintenance.

Job Requirements:
1, proficient in PHP program, familiar with PHP website environment framework, skilled Web technology, Html, Javascript, Xml, ajax, Div + css, etc .;
2, able to skillfully configure Apache, php, mysql environment, familiar with PHPCMS 2008, phpcms v9, discuz, dedecms and other commonly used open source;
3, master the MySQL, SQL Server database, skilled use of SQL language;
4, skilled Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and other web production software, familiar with the website SEO;
5, have a good code habits, requiring a clear structure, naming norms, logical,
6, have a good sense of teamwork and sense of responsibility;
7, please provide your recent works in the resume link, and specify the specific development module;

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