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Five skills of Efficient operation of the site

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Contact with the operation of the owners are aware that the operation of the site is a huge work in the whole operation of the process will encounter a wide range of problems, perhaps in some people think that operation is a simple understanding of the site promotion, In fact, it is not so simple, especially for start-up companies, the operation means that the content from the beginning of planning to fill, the channel from the continuous access to traffic, the user started from 0 cold start, that is, no copy of the model has not More resources, for the operational staff challenges, then for the operation of the professional, how can the efficient completion of the operation of the project, efficient operation and need to have those skills na?

First, the ability to judge early

Pre-judgment for the operation of the late operation of the site has a direct impact, after all, the market is not static, and always in a dynamic environment. Therefore, the general situation, you want to achieve the effect of efficient operation, the operation of the owners will be concerned about the early market dynamics, see the timing of the timely shot, with the perfect combination of the operation of the site together. In this, Xiao Bian sub-point, you want to enhance the weight of the site to understand the corresponding traffic to obtain the site, which can start from the data analysis, the results of data analysis often have indicators of measurement.

Second, excellent business ability

Under normal circumstances, the operating staff are to guide the frontline market staff, if his business capacity is not as good as the market staff, naturally not convincing, so want to improve the operational results, the first operation of the Commissioner must have excellent business ability. Often professional operators in the market staff problems, will take the initiative to solve the problem; professional operators will be in the market planning problems, pointed out that the lack of local people; professional operators will be the market staff worship Idol, have a superb business ability, and a good control of the intensity.

Third, the work process standardization

The purpose of standardization is to improve the efficiency of the work, often when a work to achieve a certain stage, need to be standardized, such as: user posting specifications, manuscript quality control, advertising process, these problems are nothing, And whether it is explicit or implicitly standardized. Of course, here as the operating station you must be clear to know, can not be standardized for standardization, do not ignore the ultimate goal of standardization, to know all the reverse role of the standardization are useless, are blind command.

Fourth, clear communication Want to achieve the purpose

As we all know, the work involved is very complicated, very extensive, and may often deal with different departments of the various departments, since the deal should learn to communicate, and clearly know the purpose of each communication, then improve the efficiency of the most direct way , But also as a professional operations commissioner with the basic ability, if not clear the purpose of each communication, then it will lose the meaning of communication.

Five, continue to learn

Recently, the Internet market is almost a cohabitation place, all industries are constantly, fast forward, then a retreat of the battlefield, so the operating commissioner need to charge in a timely manner, continue to accept the fresh things , Continue to enhance their knowledge and experience, so that it is possible in the next battle to show a strong combat effectiveness, or can only face the fate of peer-out.

In fact, the words come back, it is undeniable that the operation is really a very special work, involving the scope of work and details is too much, a little attention is likely to lose all over disk So Xiaobian remind the majority of the operation of the owners, think of ways to improve operational efficiency at the same time, do not forget the basic elements of the operation of the site, to avoid causing a big mistake.