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What is the key of the design of the website?

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Good site visitors constantly, poor site no one visit, site design plays a key role, then the site needs to be designed to be more attractive? The key in that? Below the Vanda Network (www.wannuoda.com) for your details.

If you want to build a website, you must first know that the site construction includes a lot of things, including the site planning, web page and layout design, post-optimization, website content and website operations services.

First, the site positioning

In the development of a modern company, in addition to the line, the line also need to have their own company's official website for customers to search and get relevant knowledge.

In the construction of the site before the first site to build their own to be positioned to know the purpose of building the site, the general is to the network for the company to promote and promote their own products, and some are for e-commerce Business, trading on the site and this industry with the site. To combine their own company's own information, the site positioning, understanding of the purpose of the site in order to better improve.

Which the company's information collection, integration of information, according to the company's needs, to determine the construction site, the site for the company to play a role.

Different companies have different functions, such as the site is to promote the company's products, the company on the network marketing publicity, to the customer customer service type and the hottest e-commerce type, according to these on the upcoming Construction of the company for classification and positioning.

Second, web design

A website which can not be separated from the design of the page, because a website is a combination of a web page. A web page design includes page layout, web page images, and web page links.

To carry out web design, we must have a relatively easy to use their own software to design, to find some good tools, to be used to design the web page to use a lot of software, such as WPS, PS, etc. plus some special The web page is designed for professional web pages.

Web design needs of the professional is relatively strong, so the knowledge of the computer to a certain degree of understanding, in general, this web design is to professional computer personnel to design.

Before the design, we should pay attention to the collection of some information, if it is for the company to promote the construction, then the information can use the company's information. In general, this information mainly collects related pictures, videos and music.

How can a page to attract people, the main page is the layout of the page to do good-looking, so beautiful to attract the user's eye, this can bring traffic to the site.

Third, the establishment of the station

To carry out site construction, pre-do a lot of preparation, in addition to personnel preparation, information preparation, but also space and domain name. This space is to pre-purchase, for the purchase of space, we must go to examine the stability of this space, because this space is used as a collection of sites used, so there must be some stability.

Domain name, we should be more familiar with, that is, the domain name, the domain name can be applied, the domain name application is very simple, each site has its own domain name, first select the domain name, to register, Be sure to pay attention to the domain name is not repeated.

In the domestic site for construction, to carry out the record, generally as long as the request to submit information information, after a few days after the record can be better.