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Customer demand is the key to price of the site

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Website construction offer is generally customized for the establishment of the station, the template station does not matter on the offer, because the implementation of the template does not require designers and development engineers, are fixed prices.

Website custom offer can be described as high and low, a business website offer 5-6 thousand there, 5-6 million also have, even with a company's two different sales staff will be different (although not very different). Why is it so different? In addition to the company's own operating costs, hire technical staff salaries, but also with the salesman's understanding of the difficulty of customer needs.

General offer in two ways: the overall package quotation and sub-detailed stage offer. The overall package offer is not talk about the details of the overall site to do down how much money? This approach is generally poor professional sales staff, or relatively lazy clerk will take the way, this way in the construction process More likely to go wrong, such as customer demand than expected, the production content can not meet customer needs and so on. And the details of the stage offer, is the site of the various stages of customization, the division of labor, the site of the various functional modules are divided, separate quotes and then summary, the general sales of the contents of the site column has been fully understood after the offer, compared to the overall Quotes, more accurate, so the price is relatively more accurate, the production content is also written more clearly, the probability of the middle of the dispute greatly reduced. So a little formal point of the company need to make website construction program, the site construction program for detailed pricing.

1, site planning and design costs

A website of each page is the need to design, with the size of the site size, the number of pages ranging from a few to hundreds of thousands, generally including the first page, column pages, detailed pages, single pages, feature pages. General brand website, display type of website, non-functional website of the page design workload is relatively large, can account for the entire site production cycle of 20% -60%. Of course, its role is also very obvious, the page design is good, directly related to the appearance of the site, related to the site reflects the company's image, brand display and user experience. And this part of the cost in addition to the number of pages related, but also with the designer's salary, the degree of care, the customer's request has a relationship. Some designers pay 5-6K a month, some 2-5 million. differ greatly. With a designer, the customer requirements of high, many drafts are passed or the designer to modify the workload, resulting in a long time, will lead to this part of the high price.

2, the site front-end production costs

With the popular H5, most of the new sites have added special effects, so that the site lifelike. But these are inseparable from our front-end engineers to prepare the background code. With H5, front-end production work has become technical content. But this part of the cost and the need to produce special effects and the number of special effects.

3, the site function module

The function modules of the website are related to the website type. If the website is composed of the news publishing system, the product distribution system, the talent recruitment system and the single page management system, these function modules are designed for the website manager. Managers can manage the background through the site, real-time update site information, website news, product information, recruitment information. If it is a mall, but also responsible for the management of goods, order management, membership management. So this part of the offer mainly with the site type, customer needs related.

4, the site server costs

Web site to run, you need to register the domain name and purchase the server, the purchase price of the domain name is relatively cheap and relatively fixed, but the server is very different. Relatively poor space to buy a hundred blocks can be bought, there are tens of thousands of your own independent server. The difference is that site access speed, site stability, site security. Poor space between the three poor five problems, the speed is not ideal for the site is a fatal blow. So the site server or choose a better space business, such as Ali cloud.

5, service quotes

Website construction services can be divided into part of the site before the construction of services and services after the site. Before the construction of the site, the site construction company to the customer's website construction requirements, the site will be established to resolve the domain name for customers to find the appropriate domain name, and site ICP record. Website construction is completed, the site construction company to the customer site technical training, the connection to the site to do the maintenance of the database backup, online technical support, free of charge for the customer site to provide updated maintenance. On the website service offer, the basic are free services. If you are building a new website, you can enjoy the site after the completion of the construction of free services, but in the follow-up process may be part of the service is a charge.

6, website security

Site security is also very important, the site will be completed after the completion of a large number of data transmission to the site to move, if the site is not safe protection, which is very dangerous, the site security problem is also a very critical part of the offer.

Overall, the site construction of the offer and the needs of customers have a great relationship, the site construction companies are given the offer is based on customer demand for the premise, according to user requirements for a reasonable offer, the site construction needs different offer different , Which is the most reasonable charging model.