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Tianjin Rongbao Payment Network Co., Ltd

Tianjin Rongbao Payment Network Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Tianjin Rongcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.), hereinafter referred to as "financial payment", is China's top 40 private enterprises Tianjin Rongcheng Xiangtai Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. holding subsidiaries, the registered capital of 300 million yuan The 2014 in the country's 261 third-party payment company in the comprehensive ranking of the thirtieth.

2012 Rongbao paid the People's Bank of China issued a "payment business license", the business type covers Internet payments and mobile phone payments, operating area covering the whole country. At present, the financial payment has been created with independent intellectual property rights of third parties to pay "financial treasure" and Internet financial solutions "financial entrusted rich" two brands.

The company's business currently covers many types of payment solutions, including traditional power platform, P2P network loan industry, and plays an indispensable role in promoting the emerging e-finance market.