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Tianjin South Cube Building Decoration Engineering

Tianjin South cubic Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., is a focus on the tooling enterprises. Content covers the office, catering industry, schools, hospitals, entertainment projects and other high-end design and construction.

South cubic decoration to provide you with indoor and outdoor decoration of the overall decoration design and construction, ancillary equipment (air conditioning, fire, etc.), the main material, furniture, accessories custom services. Excellent team for you to create first-class international design and professional construction. "One-stop" service, so you relaxed and happy experience the decoration process, the improvement of the project management team to ensure that your decoration quality.

South cubic decoration company is a passionate and creative company, we have been and will continue to maintain the essence of in-depth study tooling, and strive to present more and more perfect project, leading the development of China's tooling industry.