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Provide Internet marketing solutions

We have been or are busy useless work ... ...
Find development company development site, APP, WeChat side, and then lost in the past a reference target, according to gourd painted a scoop.
NO2. In the search engine a year to vote hundreds of thousands of ads, and then did not see any results?
NO3. Spent hundreds of thousands of development of APP few people to download?
NO4. WeChat public number has been pushing articles, no fans, no reading, no orders?
We have been trying to do, why has no results?
Direction problem

Our products ≠ user needs

Positioning is the basic point, all the implementation will be around the user needs, if the carding error, the implementation part becomes meaningless.
90% of the enterprises are simply to sell products as the starting point, often ignoring the product behind the consumer and what is the real link.
To help you
As a professional Internet marketing planning solutions provider, we will first help enterprises tailor-made Internet case marketing planning solutions, in-depth mining products selling point, and customer demand to establish links. We not only help customers to achieve the technical level of demand, but also to help customers to plan the product of the Internet promotion program, find the direction to less detours, so that the value of technology to achieve maximum, so that customer satisfaction.
Implementation problem

Choose the wrong flow entrance
Fishing did not choose the fish pond, fishing and then high in vain. Bidding, promotion, network optimization, WeChat friends circle advertising, B2B platform, Baidu picture, wisdom push, today's headlines, wide point through, God horse search ... ... a lot of traffic entrance, the election can be a performance
To help you
Choosing a traffic entry is not a simple decision, and the decision to lead the head is often a lot of money, and only a very small value. Know each traffic entry to make the right decision! Li Shi technology has a professional promotion of talent, they are in almost all platforms have a wealth of work experience, to understand the most suitable for different industries to promote the platform and promotion methods, to rationalize the recommendations to customers, do not let enterprises spend more money wasted. Stand out sky and the major promotion platform to establish long-term cooperative relations, enterprises in the legislation to promote the price of science and technology, much lower than the price directly in the platform to promote, more personal maintenance account, one-stop service to customers more money to save money.

Implementation of the second question

Content error resulted in no conversion
The content is done to the customer to see rather than the boss to see, the contents of the deployment to the customer as the center may be high conversion, such as customer care, like, the benefits, worry about ... know ourselves to know yourself.
To help you
To the site, for example, the most common misunderstanding is the enterprise to build a technology as the core rather than marketing, marketing-specific website how to do it?
Stand from the following five steps:
1, accurate profit model positioning to help you win at the starting point.
2, the core key screening positioning, so that traffic is more accurate, inquiry accuracy is higher than the traditional site 50%.
3, in-depth study of visitors to browse the trajectory, the traditional marketing moved to the Internet, so that the transaction becomes more relaxed.
4, site structure optimization, the core product optimization, brand optimization, so that search engine rankings more forward.
5, product structure optimization, so that search becomes more direct and simpler.
Implementation of the third  problem

No performance, confused where the problem?
Do not know how many customers are available for websites and public numbers or other channels? Do not know why customers did not consult? Do not know the deal than? ... ... no control of the process, only know how to spend money did not effect, how to get through the promotion, content, sales of three links, the formation of management system?
To help you
Build enterprise-class data management system, analysis of data optimization, grasp the details of the performance is likely to climb.