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Network Technology on behalf of the operation

At present, the development of Internet operation and maintenance services lagging behind, many companies need to recruit people or even set up departments to operate the site, subscription number, Taobao, waste a lot of manpower and resources, to the company a heavy burden. Stand out sky found the problem, launched a network operation services, by the market's warm welcome.

   What can we do?

Simply said the site, WeChat public number, Taobao, Baidu promotion, 360 promotion, and so we can operate, and is a person with many years of work experience to help you operate, to ensure the results!

 Examples of customers

Customer case

Case one: leisurely way

[UUbuntu] is Singapore's MGS Art Media Co., Ltd. to create a private custom overseas wedding & brigade agencies! Was established in 2006 and headquartered in Tianjin.

We provide services: website construction and operation, WeChat public number (subscription number and service number) operation, microblogging operations and marketing, Taobao operation.

Case 2: Lu Wei Na slimming health institutions

Lu Wei Na weight loss health chain established in 2013, is the development of research and development of weight loss health products of high-tech enterprises.
We provide services: website construction and operation, WeChat public (subscription number) operation, microblogging operations and marketing.

 What is the maximum value of network operations?

The value of network operations

Whether it is website or microblogging WeChat, are the enterprise's online entrance, the customer through these entries to understand the business situation, if the customer opens the site to find the latest news or 2014, then the customer will certainly think that this business site has been abandoned for a long time, And then doubt the operation of the enterprise, and then lost confidence in the enterprise, resulting in loss of customers.

So efficient link to customers, and customers to form an effective interaction, is the most important purpose of network operations, of course, the ultimate goal is to promote sales.

Choose our advantage

Advantages to choose us

1, technical strength, 8,9 years of work experience in the process and front-end engineers, experienced designers, professional copy of the planning staff, are we do strong business operations backing!

2, the fee is flexible and reasonable, spend a person's wages, do a team work, save money and worry, and you can choose quarterly, half pay, pay and so on.

3, service-oriented, for the company's situation, custom online marketing solutions, through online promotion, to bring value to customers.